First Days

06 July 2015 - 05:25:52 PM

So first off on the tech side of this I've had a few issues.

  1. Internet has been difficult to get in a reliable fashion, hotels just don't like to give all the rooms internet.
  2. Uploading photos when you only have a phone is difficult I've switched from Imgur to using Google Drive so the link has been updated
  3. Status updates if they are long are getting cut off, sorry about that I'll look into fixing it some time.

So at this point its been three weeks since I started...I'm still going and its been hard but great.

Day one was great, it was a little sad leaving my mom at the trail head and heading off knowing that it would be months until I saw her again but I'm thankful for all of her support and for getting a ride from her to the trailhead at the border.

The hike was quite nice, something about Glacier national park is just so rugged and untouched its a very awe-inspiring location so the hike was mostly downhill to a lake hidden in a valley between the mountains just a 10mile day.

Day sucked a lot but the motto of the trail is "Embrace the Brutality" and for me it was brutal. The break-in peiod for a SouthBound (SoBo) hike is difficult. It was a 17mile day from the lake to Many Glacier over a 2500 foot climb to Red Gap Pass and another hill before Many Glacier of 800 feet. This morning I was passed by many people one of whom was a NorthBound (NoBo) hiker who encouted the high Colorado snow and flipped up to Canada to walk SoBo (called a flipper). Since then I've met a lot of flippers because of the snow this has made this a fairly busy time on the trail as it seems that the flipped outnumber us actual SoBos by about a 3:1 ratio. I also met a couple other SoBo hikers that started the same time I did, though their pace was faster and I only just ran into them again about a week ago outside of Benchmark.


Anyway I was terrible slow going up Red Gap Pass and just kept moving at my own pace hitting the pass around noon and starting the first descent to Poia Lake (absolutely terrible mosquitos here by the way) and making it to Many Glacier after about 14 or 15 hours. The day absolutely drained me and I gave up my permit and decided to "Hike my own hike". I took a zero (mile) day in Many Glacier and started a road-walk out of the park from Many Glacier. It may not have been as scenic as doing the passes but I could atleast be confident in my safety and know I wasn't giving up, just taking my time. I regained the proper trail just outside of East Glacier as I entered the Bob Marshall Wilderness at Lewis and Clark National Forest about a week later.



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