Technical Changes

18 January 2016 - 02:06:18 AM

If you've visited this site before you'll probably notice that the layout has changed significantly.

Website Changes

I've made a fair number of changes to this blog, most of which are simply to make my life easier. The new layout is mobile friendly so while hiking I'll be able to make new posts using my phone's browser. I've made the update messages a bit more prominent as at least while I am hiking that is the most frequently updated part. The Tracking page has also changed, as I'm not hiking there is just the option to view the CDT-2015 tracking, one major change now is that I have added a layer showing the trail as a red line and major alternative routes in yellow in addition to the normal tracking information. When I try hiking the CDT again this trail overlay will remain, I think seeing the whole trail is a nice addition for those of you who don't practically have it memorized like I do.


One of the biggest hurdles I encountered was uploading photos from my phone. It seems like it should be a straightforward problem but when trying to upload more than just a couple photos it really was a headache. My initial hope was to use Imgur as a host, however, the upload applications were for anonymous usage only so I could not upload to a linkable album. Using the website would only let me for 4-6images before the browser would crash, same with Facebook uploads from the app and the website. Ultimately for the 2015 CDT hike I ended up using Google Drive/Photos to upload images and this worked alright but getting an image link I could embed was problematic so the blog post images would appear to work for a day and then disappear as the direct image URLs were temporary. I've now created an album system within this blog, hopefully, with the assistance of the fsync android application, I'll be able to upload images from my phone to here and have them automatically added to the album. It seems to work from here...but we'll see what happens on the trail.

Planned Changes

For the most part, the website has everything I want already. I'd like to make some changes to the Tracking system. Firstly I'd like to remove a lot of the points and just show my latest update along with certain milestones like start and end of days and show where I sent messages from. I have already added the trail overview to the tracking page but I'd like to display more of the alternates available so you can see when I'm really going off the trail, vs following a planned alternate route, it would also illustrate just how many route choices there are on this trail.


EDIT: I've added a new overview to the map, and I've made the CDT viewable as a standalone map:



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