CDT 2016 - Gear

08 February 2016 - 11:38:56 PM

I've been meaning to post a report on the gear I took with me last year...but I don't think that is going to happen. Instead, lets talk about my current gear.


I've made a handful of changes from last year to reduce weight:

  • Backpack
    • Exos 58 - I'm still going to carry this pack, but I've removed the top pocket/brain of the pack
    • Pack Liner - A simple trash compactor bag, last year everything was in its own stuff sack, I plan to use few water-proof stuff sacks and just use this bag instead.
  • Electronics
    • Suntastics S-Charger5 - This is my solar panel, I'll have this ready to be sent out to me, but I'm not going to take it with me. Carrying a power pack (12,000 mAh, 8.5ounces) was more than enough. Though the panel worked great it was never actually necessary since the power pack gave me more power than I needed for the trail.
    • Cellphone - I've changed my cell phone and will be carrying a Sony Xperia M4 Aqua. It's about 20grams lighter and the main thing to me is that it is waterproof. I got quite annoyed taking my phone out and putting it back into a ziplock bag while hiking so a waterproof phone I think will be a nice change. It's also a far more powerful than my old phone, and better battery life so it should be nice.
    • Camera - I will not be taking a camera, this time, around, instead, the Xperia phone has a great camera on it that I'll use instead.
    • Power Pack - My 12,000 mAh powerpack has started to fail me so I've just bought an Anker PowerCore 20100 mAh battery, weighing in at 12.5ounces (3ounces heavier) but giving me a significant;y greater number of charges.
  • Medical Kit - I now have a sub-1oz medical kit. I carried multi-vitamins, ibuprofen, Benadryl, gauze, band-aids, polysporin, and a small bottle of rubbing alcohol last added up pretty quickly and much of it wasn't necessary.
    • Multi-vitamins, I'm not sure if I'm going to carry these to start or not yet. I only planned to carry them for the first few weeks while I get my trail-legs. I may do this again.
    • Ibuprofen, I'm not much for taking pain killers; ever. I carried a bottle of these and hardly took any, took some to help me get to town when my foot started bugging me. I'm planning to carry just enough to last me 3 days of taking them all day, in other words, enough to get me to town in an emergency.
    • Band-aids and gauze, Band-aids don't stick while hiking so no point in carrying them, duct tape and to tissue paper works better, gauze I can just use other items in my pack instead of gauze in an emergency.
    • Benadryl was a recommendation from my mom who has allergies. I on the other hand hardly get stuffed up or anything, being out last year I never needed these and don't anticipate needing them this year.
    • Polysporin, I used this a couple times, but I didn't need a whole bottle. I've instead taken about 6grams of it and put it in a small beading ziplock bag.
    • Rubbing Alcohol, I'm just carrying four alcohol wipes instead, much lighter and will work for when I need them. If necessary, I can resupply these in town.
  • Rain Gear
    • I carried a Frogg Toggs set of rain jacket and pants. They didn't keep me dry as I'd just sweat underneath them, but they worked well for the wind. This year I'm going to carry a poncho which is more breathable with large openings for the arms and can cover my pack, so I don't need a pack cover.
    • I'll also be using a rain kilt a.k.a. a garbage bag with an open bottom. It's light and I can resupply it in town easily.
    • I'm undecided about carrying my rain jacket, I may take it as a wind jacket but I'm leaning against doing so.
    • Last year I carried Frogg Toggs UL2 Jacket/Pants I'll do the same this year,  at $175 USD from the Poncho/Groundsheet was just too expensive to me. I may still do the rain-kilt thing in Wyoming and New Mexio as I don't really like the rain paints but I can't deny their wind protection when there is a cold wind blowing.
  • Shelter
    • Groundsheet, my poncho will double as a groundsheet so I don't need to carry the Tyvek sheet.
    • Actually, I'll carry a homemade polycryo groundsheet, and a backup in my 'bounce box' as they are not as durable as Tyvek.
    • Stakes, I carried two groundhogs and 8 carbon fiber nail stakes. The nail stakes worked well but I broke two in hard ground, and the heads would come off (though superglue can fix that). I've changed to a four groundhog and four nail stakes instead. Groundhogs work and hold well in most ground, so I'll use them for the four makes points of the tent. The tent itself only needs two stakes, four for easy setup, all eight will only be necessary for really windy weather.
  • Water
    • I use a Sawyer Filter for my water, something I hated though was needing to carry the backflush syringe with it.I've found out the lids of a small Smart Water bottle fit the end of the filter well and can be used for backflushing. Instead of the syringe, I'll just use one of those bottles for my water and get the syringe for free.
  • Clothing
    • I carryed a tshirt, a long-sleeve synthethic pullover and a long sleeve button up hiking shirt. This year I'm going to try just going with the button up shirt as I can convert that to a shirt sleeve shirt or have it as a long sleeve.
    • Gloves...last year I simply used my socks as gloves when it was necessary against the cold wind, I've picked up a proper pair of light gloves for this hike. A 40gram pair of PossumDown gloves.


As far as I can recall those are all my major gear changes. You can see the details of what I'll be carrying below.



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