Mexico to Lordsburg - Part 1

28 April 2016 - 06:53:34 PM

Things certainly could have gone better to start. Before I event hit the trail I broke my spoon which I repaired with duct tape. Though that fix didn't matter since I accidently left it in the hotel I started the trail with a way to cleanly eat my food. It wasn't a huge deal but it did kinda suck.


As for the trail, there were six of us on the shuttle out to Crazy Cook. Let me also just say to anyone thinking about driving to the border, make sure you have good clearance on your vehicle, the road off the highway was terrible.

April 16th was a great day to start on the trail, it was hot but there was a great breeze. To start the trail was well flagged but despite this within 40minutes, we all had gone off trail a bit though it was easy to get back on.


The start was flat and slightly sandy,  we were. Generally, walking uphill but it was rather slight, something like an average of 1000ft in elevation gain spread over 10 miles. I was feeling great until rolled my ankle just a couple hours in. Usually, I would just walk it off but instead of my ankle hurting it was my knee having issues. I've never had knee problems so this was pretty concerning. I took an early lunch and rested it a bit then kept moving. I must say the terrain was not what I expected. I anticipated hiking through a flat desert but what I got was some also canyon like hiking through drainages. This was cool but not expected.

I slowly made my way to the first water cache where pretty much everyone who started that day was. Three of us setup camp there, two older guys taking the Separ route just had supper and James who led the group was in and out before anyone else arrived.


The next morning I had a choice to either walk a rough dirt road or follow a trail with no blazing up.and down over terrible terrain. I, like 80% of the hikers took the road walk. I actually ended up following a water drainage thinking it was the road for awhile and had to cross-country get back on the road.


During this road walk, my knee started hurting again. I was well ahead of the others when then hiker shuttle came by heading to the border by the time it came back I was well behind the others. Juan the driver offered me a ride back into Lordsburg which I took.


In Lordsburg, I saw a doctor over my knee who told me to rest it. So I took three full zero mile days and hit the trail walking south to the border on April 21st, my original planned start day.



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