Mexico to Lordsburg - Part 2

28 April 2016 - 06:59:15 PM

After having rested several days in Lordsburg I started walking south, back to where I was picked up from.


My knee felt great, no issues. The trail was decently marked, and reasonably flat with the occasional hill. What made this day suck was the heat. It wasn't extraordinarily warm only in the lower 30s but combined with the lack of water it sucked. Unlike my first day there was no nice wind either, and being the desert there was rarely any decent shade. When there was wind is.was less like a cool.breeze and an exhaust pipe. Another hiker, gnomegod desribed it best when he called it a deathmarch. You are just walking from water to water trying not pass out.


The terrain over these few days was varied, first day out of Lordsburg was just rolling hills and some fairly flat areas. The second day out started very flat and no good landmarks. I managed to get myself walking the wrong direction and not realize it. With no landmarks I would think I was walking in generally the right direction, check my map, and see I had gone away from where I should be. So, naturally I'd correct myself and try again only to walk the wrong way again and again. I had to keep my compass out to keep my bearing. 


Being so flat, there was very little shade and even when there was, it made not have been to accessible. I made the unfortunate mistale.of trying to see nrar the lushous green little shrub casting a nice shade onto some desert weeds. Well the weeds were hiding some cactus needles which I later had to pull out of my theigh and the shrub was hard and prickly, it was not a nice shade. During the second day there were maybe 3 points to have shade. Four of is shared the shade being cast by a water cache box. I spent about three hours hiding in that shade with another hiker: gnomegod.


I took off in the evening sun when it was cooler hoping to pump out some miles in the cold. That plan did not work out as the wind picked up and was blowing me around making it hard to walk. I managed to set my tent up in the wind and was protected from the wind itself. The winder however was strong enough that it was blowing sand the rain fly and inter the tent area, it was bad enough that I had to breath through my bandana to keep sand out of my mouth as I slept.

The next day was the start of a more hilly area. It is not Montana but there was some ups and downs. Shade was still rare, though there was one absolutely beautiful shade tree that had a nice makeshift seat under it that made my day.

If you have seen my tracking page already you might notice I did not walk all the way back to where I was picked up from. I've cheated a bit and skipped that 19mile section that was just more ankle breaking stuff. Honestly, this bootheel section has sucked. There are some nice views but its generally agreed that it sucks. It also would have been nearly impossible to hitchhike from there so I decided to save my knee and some time and hitch from the highway. It sucks to skip a bit but I'm also out here to have a good experience and getting injured again would make that happen.



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