Grants to Cuba, NM? Nope, Rawlins, Wyoming

28 May 2016 - 02:26:15 AM

Wyoming, already? Well, no I haven't been walking at a superhuman pace and cleared all the snow in Colorado.

Due to snow in Colorado instead of taking a risky avalance prone route through Colorado and the San Juans, I'm doing whats called a flip-flop. Basically I'm heading North and will walk South back to where I left the trail, so back to Cuba. However, its too early to head all the way up to Montana, but it is perfect time to do the Great Divide Basin and still have a decent chance of having good water from snow melt. So thats what I'm heading, to Rawlins to do two sections. First, from Rawlins I'll head south to Battle Pass (Encampment, Wy) and then I'll hitch back to Rawlins and walk north to Atlantic City. Then, I'll flip all the way up to Helena, MT where I ended my hike last year and hike South (skipping the Divide Basis) back to Cuba.

Normally, hikers flip from Chama, NM which is right before the Colorado border, personally I felt that logistically flipping from Cuba would be easier as I can hitch from Cuba to Albuquerque and catch a bus to Rawlins.



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