Pie Town to Grants

28 May 2016 - 02:13:24 AM

More road walking! Regardless of whether you're heading into or out of Pie Town, its a road walk.

Once again though there are several options, the offical route, as is often the case is the least scenic and has little water so I took an alternate that avoided a long waterless carry over shoe-shredding lava rock. Instead I cut through the Cebolla wilderness. Only two highlights on this sections, the Thomas Mountain Ranch was one. This, I expected just to be a nice water source as the owners allow hikers onto their property to get water.I got more than I barganed for when I arrived as the Thomas's were there and talking with the hikers. I especially enjoyed hearing Mr. Thomas recount his experiences as a Medical Ranger during the Korean war, at the end of the night they offered myself and follow hiker Butterfingers a trailer to spend the night in instead of camping.

The second highlight was The Narrows, a small section of road where there is lava rock on one side and a mesa on the other, and in the same area the La Ventana Natural Arch.



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