Rawlins to Jeffery City - Great Divide Basin

15 June 2016 - 06:09:14 PM

The basin is actual Rawlins to South Pass City (highway to Lander, Wy in 3miles from there) but I ended up bailing yet again. I'll do the rest of it on my way back.

Now, I came out to Wyoming because it was supposed to be a wetter and cooler time to do the trail. It certainly was wet, all of the expected water sources were good, and many extra sources, thunderstorms every night too (absolutely stunning to watch the thunderstorms move in during the night, I've enjoyed stargazing out here, but storm watching was exceptional). It was wet...but cool it was not. First day out my watch thermometer which I keep on my pack was reading a nice 118F (48C) out, I was burning up and this is the driest section of the trail (nearly 40miles from Rawlins to the first water source then it gets better). Like usual I also took a wrong turn and ended up going about a mile in this head. the wrong direction before I noticed To make matters worse this section was a lot like the Bootheel at the start of the trail, some shrubbery but very little large shade. Eventually I found a rock to literally crawl under to get away from the the sun for a bit and napped until the day got cooler.

One thing the basin is known for is the packs of wild horses that roam it, and which I got a see:

Other than that its a pretty hot, flat section of trail everything basically looked like the picture above.

The reason I only ended up going to Jeffery City instead of all the way to South Pass City is because the rainfly on my tent broke which made it difficult to keep dry during the nightly thunderstorms. I tried to push through it, but after a couple nights of it, and then finding out about flood warnings a little ahead of me (and nightly storms as far as the forcast went) I decided to bail and just get my tent fixed.

I'm currently off trail until I get my tent back. My tent is a Lightheart Gear Solo and they offer (usually) free repairs you just pay shipping. Ideally I'll have it back and start hiking either Sunday morning, or Tuesday morning.





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