Heading back out...

07 July 2016 - 11:39:14 PM

So, my ankle actually healed up quicker than I expected, took just a week and a half or so.


The bad news was that when I left the US my passport remained in my bounce box (A box I send ~two weeks ahead of myself with misc. gear and replacements). I had this box sent back to Canada, but it has since been lost in the mail neither USPS or Canada Post have any ideal where it is. I had to try and prove I no longer had the passport and had an urgent need to travel in order to get my new passport yesterday.


I will be back on trail by Monday though considering this was the second time I turned around in the Helena -> Butte section I think I'm going to jump right ahead to Butte and start on the Super-Butte Cutoff/Big Sky Alternate.


This will probably be my biggest skip but since I'll be driving out to Butte, its going to be far easier for me once I'm done the hike to get back to Butte, MT than Helena, MT. Hopefully I will not have too much of a challenge getting back into hiking as its been a month since I've really been on trail as I was off for a bit before getting to Helena waiting for my tent to get repaired also.



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