Everything has gone wrong!

30 August 2016 - 03:36:39 AM

So, a lot has happened since I headed back out onto the CDT after my injury. A lot of little things were going wrong, from on-trail issues like forest fires, permits inavability, entire towns being booked up, long 7+ hour hitches and having lost my trail legs an inability to make the few 3000 and 4000ft climbs early on during the Big Sky alternate I was taking out of Butte through Yellowstone. Ultimately I decided to quit the trail and did a bit of trail magic and headed up to Alaska. I was planning to go hiking in Gates of the Artic National Park and raft down the John River. Unfortunately more was going wrong and I got fairly sick before making my way up into the arctic and a flat tire when I did head up, so yet again I returned home which is where I'm at now.

I've completed most of the CDT now, so I doubt I'll return for a third year in a row, perhaps the PCT or AT next year.


And so, there will be no more trail updates this year, though I plan to do some general posts.





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